Petroff Matte Box Kit Com Universal Donut #P44-ZDK - ZACUTO - Kits Zacuto | DVPRO
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Petroff Matte Box Kit Com Universal Donut #P44-ZDK - ZACUTO
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  • The Petroff 4x4 Matte Box Kit with Universal Donut includes the fully modular 2-stage 4x4 Petroff matte box, two filter stages, top flag, side flags, 15mm support adapter, a 105mm lens ring and the Zacuto Universal Donut. The Universal Donut mounts to the 105mm lens ring and stretches over any lens up to 85mm in diameter. No need to get different lens rings for all of your lenses! This is the perfect all-in-one kit for anyone wanting a matte box. The two filter stages rotate 360 degrees independently, with the ability to block stages. The snap on system allows users to easily remove or add filter stages. This matte box kit works with external lens diameters up to 110mm without the Universal Donut, and 40mm-85mm with the Universal Donut.

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